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Name:Johann Fritz Schmidt
Birthdate:Oct 3
Location:NYC, New York, United States of America
Of all the alternate universes, his was the strangest, the darkest. So much confusion, so much in-fighting, somehow Johnn Schmidt ended up a surprisingly high ranking member of HYDRA before he stabbed them in the back wholeheartedly. Defecting to the United States and Allied Forces, he began work in earnest taking them down with information gained from the inside, but there were two obstacles. One, the refusal of many to accept a German superhuman among their ranks, not helped by his past and his true appearance, and two, HYDRA's new pretty boy created from their own version of the serum, Steve Rogers.

Events are different, and a fuller character history will be posted later, but he ends up in the present, and becomes an Avenger. Not the celebrated hero Cap was, but generally good. Still has a red skull under the mask, he is generally Lawful Good. German Catholic, a classical music lover and very much not the evil Nazi he could have been had the serum not turned his conscience on as it did, he is somewhat vindicated by history but equally disliked in the modern world. Being a Nazi is something you don't live down.

Currently a part of the Avengers, after fighting with Steve onboard the infamous plane from the end of the non-mirrorverse Captain America movie left him frozen in the Arctic and Steve missing somewhere. His revival has given him some claustrophobia and PTSD he won't own up to and major future shock. Although his universe has different Avengers than the main one, he is still the least liked out of the group, being that he did in fact do awful things before the serum kicked in. Life is now a series of attempts to atone for his past and keep the future safe.

Mun and muse are over 21. Icon credit to and trigger warnings for general mirrorverse insanity, violence, mentions of non con and torture.
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